Guide On How To Properly Clean Your Fiber Optic Cables

For the fiber optic cables to continue working effectively you have to regularly clean them. For you to properly do it you need to do the following:

Inspect the cable area

Before you start the cleaning process you should first inspect the different optic cable areas. You should inspect the components, bulkhead, and fiber connector. Of major importance pay attention to the connector. If it’s dirty, clean it using the dry cleaning method. If you clean it a few times and still the dirt doesn’t go away, you should clean it using the wet cleaning method and then immediately follow up with the dry cleaning method. You should avoid cleaning the bulkhead and receptacles using the wet cleaning method as you can damage the equipment.

When inspecting the units use filtered handheld magnifiers or focusing optics. There are many types and brands of these units in the market. For ideal results and have an easy time, use high-quality magnifiers from reputable brands.

Clean the fiber optic cables

When cleaning the various parts you should take care that you don’t allow the cleaning alcohol to evaporate off the ferrule. This is to prevent having a residual material on the fiber core and cladding. If you let the alcohol evaporate you will have a difficult time removing the cladding. In most cases you will be forced to use the wet cleaning method which as mentioned above, can easily result in damage of the different parts.

When cleaning the different parts take caution that you don’t touch the parts. In addition to leaving marks on the parts thus making it difficult for you to clean the cable, you also risk collecting harmful glasses that might injure you.

Best practices to observe

To have an easy time cleaning the units and also ensure your safety, you should be cautious when handling the cleaning tools and products. As rule of thumb ensure that you use resealable containers to store the cleaning tools. To avoid contamination ensure that you keep the inside of the containers clean and the lid tightly closed. When inspecting and cleaning the units, take caution that you don’t look into the fiber while the system lasers are on. This is to protect your eyes from damage.


These are some of the things that you should do when cleaning your fiber optic cables. If you have the skills you should clean the units by yourself but for ideal results, it’s recommended that you hire a professional to help you out.

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